We do this by: 

  • Connecting families with others like them 

    • Support groups 

    • Events 

    • Mentor programs 

  • On site respite 

  • Prayer & Care Line 

  • Blanket & stuffed animal ministry  

  • Hospital Visits 

  • Retreats 

Connecting Families with others like them 

  • Support groups 

  • Events

  • Mentor program

On-site Respite 

  • Bring your kids for some supervised sensory friendly play/hangout time at our awesome facility while you are served a cup of delicious coffee, tea, or sparkling water & some snacks.  You can't leave (we are like IKEA without the pager & time limit) but you can sit in one of our parent lounge areas - play on your iPad, read a book, watch a movie, or just enjoy some peace and quiet while one of our child engagement specialists entertains & keeps your kiddos safe). 

Prayer & Care Line 

  • Simply text or call us at 520-241-1954 to submit a prayer request, vent or ask for help. 

Blanket & Stuffed Animal Ministry

  • Going through a rough time or know a special needs/foster/adoptive family who is?  Refer/self refer here & we will do our best to deliver a handmade fleece blanket/stuffed animal. 

Hospital Visits 

  • Have a kiddo admitted to the hospital (or admitted yourself) and would like a visitor? Simply call/text us at 520-241-1954 & we will do our best to come see you! 


  • Annual moms retreat