Who we are & what we do


To encourage, equip & empower families of children with special needs, as well as foster/adoptive families to best care for their entire family and themselves. 


One day, all families of children with special needs, as well as foster/adoptive families will have the skills and opportunities to create a network of support that will enable them to best care for their children and themselves.  

We do this by: 



  • Connecting families with others like them 

    • Support groups 

    • Events 

    • Mentor programs 

  • On site respite 

  • Prayer & Care Line 

  • Blanket & stuffed animal ministry  

  • Hospital Visits 

  • Retreats 

Empowering & Equipping:  

  • Education & training ​​

    • Diagnosis specific training 

    • Trauma Training 

  • Advocacy assistance &  advocacy coaching 

  • Resource Connection 

    • Direct connection ​

    • Resource Fairs 

  • Self & Family Care ​

    • Financial Peace University​

    • Time Management 

    • Marriage/relationship care 

    • Self care Saturdays 


Who we are 

Founder and Executive Director 

Kim Fargusson's career path changed dramatically in April 2017 when her and her husband adopted a 3 month old infant with a plethora of special medical needs (complete blindness, septo-optic dysplasia, optic nerve hypoplasia, panhypopituitarism, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency, & severe autism). 

After 10 years in Human Resources, Kim made the jump to opening Called to Love and just 8 days later, Called to Love's 501c3 status was approved.  Her insatiable thirst for knowledge has driven her to obtain 4 Master's degrees including a Master's in I/O Psychology and a Master's in Learning, Culture and Society.  She is currently a PhD candidate in Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology.


When she's not working with families, you can find Kim on a walk with the pups (Delilah, Penny & Gracie), snuggling with her 6 (2 bio and 4 adopted- all under the age of 8) kiddos, crocheting, sitting at a coffee shop sipping tea, under her fuzzy blanket on the couch in her "prayer warrior zone" or at the gun range. 

Chief Technology Officer 

Jay Fargusson is Kim's co-captain of life and of Team Farg.  In June 2016, he felt God calling him to help children in some capacity, but he wasn't sure how at that time.  He has been faithful to God as his role in this story had unfolded over the past year and now fills the roles of husband, father to 4 human kiddos and 2 furry babies, full time government employee and now CTO of Called to Love.  When he's not loving on his family or working, you can find him shooting pool or at the gun range. 

Lead Child Engagement Specialist 

Gino Cocchi comes to us with a strong background in working with children with special needs, as well as children that come from traumatic pasts.  He loves working with kids because he find beauty in watching their minds work and expand.  He loves watching kids learn, grow & discover what it is to be their own person in this world.  When he is not working with children, he enjoys painting, sculpting & playing games.  He also enjoys making and editing videos.  

Advisory Board

Rosette Codner, Trisha Leger & Kim Fargusson make up Called to Love's Advisory Board.

  • Rosette Codner works for the Department of Child Safety (DCS) and has 5 biological + up to 4 foster children in her home at any given time.  Her and her husband, Chad reside in South Tucson with their 3 dogs and cat.  She also has multiple children in her care with special needs.  Rosette enjoys bubble baths, reading, being outside & short hikes.  

  • Trisha Leger is a teacher & homeschool mom with 4 biological children, 2 of which have autism.  Her and her husband reside in Sahuarita.  She also enjoys making beautiful journals and crafting. 

Graphic Designer 

Jaci Santini has been working with Called to Love since before the beginning.  She is a talented graphic designer, and an inspiration/encouragement to Called to Love.  Jaci lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband, Vince, and dog Deros.  If you're interested in using Jaci for graphic design work, feel free to contact her. 

Executive Assistant 

Open - pending grant funding 

Grant Writer 

Open - pending grant funding